'Lolipop' Illustration

Lolipop T-shirt design print

'Lolipop' IllustrationThe major stages/progressions throughout this piece.
I have modified the font 'Pacifico' which is a free font if you want to download it yourself. I got the inspiration from a magazine cover that I saw about a week ago, and just from memory I tried to replicate what it was like. I made the drips merge together with the font so that it looks as if they are real, in my opinion I think I have achieved this. In terms of the black outline I am not so happy with this as some of the curves do not match with the font and the drips, so in that respect this is and area I need to focus on. The white/glossy effect that I tried to apply to the text and the drips was from the magazine as well just to give the piece more depth and in some ways more realistic as if light is on this piece. 
I have also made a T-Shirt design of this illustration however it has a few more drips on it than the current piece but overall it has the same aspects. (link below)


Initial  font 'Pacifico' code: #e9008a
Drips added, same colour as font to merge them as one.
Black outline of the font added.
Black outline of the drips added.
White gloss added to the font and drips.

Final design. Black border and grey background added, grey colour code: #3a3a3c
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