Dramaa Designs - Branding

Branding for Dramaa Designs / Dalton

The logo is 2 d's, one at an angle and the other flipped vertical and horizontally. Not actually being used but I like the concept, could be used for  'DP' possibly?

Colour codes: 


- ed2025
- ed2126
- dd1d22


- 191919
- 090909
- 121212


- a8a8a8
- a1a1a1
- e1e1e1
Two initial sketches to base the rest of the logo on, pretty much stuck with the concept just added some shading/ shadowing and highlights.
2 different colour version of the logo, a grey one and a red and black/ dark grey version, I prefer the red and black one on the basis those two colours work well together. I may do a multicoloured version of this later on but at this stage these two colours are okay.
Appreciate if you like!

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